Ideal for crafting traditional Indian idli (rice cakes), idli rice stands as a key component. Our Organic Idli Rice is cultivated naturally, devoid of any chemical additives during the processing phase.Nourishing and Chemical-Free: Organic Idli Rice. Experience quicker soaking and increased batter yield with our Organic Idli Rice. Achieve effortlessly soft and fluffy idlis and delight in crispy, wholesome dosas

Nutritional Insights Organic Varapu Farms Organic Idli Rice boasts abundant protein, calcium, and iron content. Additionally, a portion of Organic Idli Rice encompasses dietary fibers, sodium, and essential nutrients vital for your well-being. A 100g serving of Organic Idli Rice is trans fat-free and cholesterol-free. This serving amounts to 352 calories. If fostering a health-conscious lifestyle aligns with your goals, embrace Organic Varapu Natural Organic Idli Rice today