From Medicine to Organic Farming: Our Journey

Our Journey to Thirumalai Farms, Kallanthiri

Varapu Natural is a product brand that comes from Thirumalai Farms located in the village of Kallanthiri in Azhagarkovil, Madurai. Kallanthiri is a beautiful and scenic village situated at the foot of the Alagar hills, about 2.5 km away from Alagarkoil. The fertile fields around the village are nourished by the Periayar river, which runs to the north and allows for double crops. Every year, the Five Kovil tank hosts a famous fish-catching festival that attracts visitors from around the world. Thousands of villagers wade into the water to catch fish using various materials such as Uthaa and nets, all at the signal given by the village head, Peria Ambalagarar. In addition to the fish-catching festival, Kallanthiri celebrates several important festivals such as Muthalamman festival (Ammaneduppu) and Kuthirai Eduppu.

Thirumalai Farms in Kallanthiri, Madurai, is proud to offer a diverse range of organic produce, including onions, brinjals, tomatoes, cabbages, rice, and an array of fruits such as guavas, bananas, and sugarcane. With a focus on sustainable farming practices and a deep respect for the natural ecosystem, the farmers at Thirumalai Farms are committed to providing their customers with fresh, chemical-free food that is both healthy and delicious. By supporting organic farming at Thirumalai Farms, consumers not only have access to high-quality produce but also contribute to a more sustainable and eco-friendly food system

Who we are

Our Story

Dr. Balaji Thiruvadi and Dr. Kowsalya Balaji were a successful couple living in the Madurai city with daughter They had inherited 8 acres of land but had not done any farming for a long time. They were always conscious of the food they ate and fed their daughter, but they found it increasingly difficult to find high-quality, chemical-free produce.

One day, they decided to put their land to use and started their own organic farm. At first, it was just for themselves, to ensure they had access to the best quality produce for their family. But as they learned more about the benefits of organic farming, they realized they could also produce for the community.

Despite their busy schedules as doctors, they devoted their free time to learning about organic farming and putting it into practice. They worked hard to cultivate their land without the use of chemical fertilizers or pesticides and were thrilled with the results. They had an abundance of fresh, nutritious produce that was not only good for their family, but also for the community.


They began to sell their produce at local markets and quickly gained a reputation for their high-quality, organic fruits and vegetables. They also started educating the community about the benefits of organic farming and encouraged others to adopt sustainable farming practices.

Today, Dr. Balaji Thiruvadi and Dr. Kowsalya Balaji continue to work as doctors, but their passion for organic farming has led them to make a positive impact on their community. Their dedication and hard work have not only provided their family with healthy and nutritious food, but also helped others to make healthier choices for themselves and the environment.

“Growing a Greener Future: The Benefits and Beauty of Organic Farming” highlights the importance and advantages of organic farming practices in promoting a healthier environment and providing high-quality, nutritious food while also fostering a deeper connection between people and the land.

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