Moringa rice mix powder is mixture of Drumstick leaves,peanuts, seasame seeds, roasted gramdal, urad dal, dry red chilly often used to enhance the nutritional value of meals. It can be added to rice dishes during cooking, mixed into smoothies, or sprinkled on soups and salads.The nutritional profile of Moringa rice mix powder combines the benefits of Moringa with the energy-providing properties of rice. It may contribute to overall well-being, support the immune system, and offer potential anti-inflammatory and antioxidant effects.
The flavor of Moringa rice mix powder can vary based on the specific blend. The Moringa imparts a mild, earthy, and slightly grassy flavor, while the rice flour provides a neutral base. Any added spices or herbs can enhance the overall taste. It have a greenish hue due to the Moringa leaf powder. The texture is typically fine and powdery, similar to rice flour.