Thirumalai Farms’ ‘Nattu Kozhi Muttai’: A Marvel in Traditional Taste



In a day filled with work, a treat often comes in the form of indulgent food. But when that treat consists of a handful of native chicken eggs and water, it becomes a wonder among the delicacies offered by nature or the soil. Thirumalai Farms’ ‘Nattu Kozhi Muttai’ stands as a response to this wonder.

Based in Madurai, Thirumalai Farms carefully selects native chickens and offers their eggs with exceptional quality. These chickens are raised in a natural environment, allowing them to feed on a variety of foods, leading to larger eggs with a higher nutritional value. Consequently, the taste and richness of these eggs surpass those of commercially raised counterparts. ‘Nattu Kozhi Muttai’ has been meticulously crafted to address this issue as a premium solution.

This native chicken egg production involves stringent monitoring and cultivation practices, ensuring that traditional methods are employed to create a product that enhances flavor and delivers exceptional nutritional value.

During traditional festivities and their associated gatherings in Madurai, experiencing Thirumalai Farms’ ‘Nattu Kozhi Muttai’ in the mornings offers a delightful taste of Southern flavors and a multitude of benefits that come with organic goodness.

Thirumalai Farms’ ‘Nattu Kozhi Muttai’ invites you to join in its experience. Madurai’s delicacies are here to enrich your palate and enhance your experiences.

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