Garcinia Cambogia(Dried Malabar Tamarind)-Kudampuli

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Why Opt for Natureloc Kudampuli or Kodampuli?

Natureloc’s Kudampuli or Kodampuli (കുടംപുളി) originates directly from the Southern Indian state of Kerala. This Kerala Tamarind presents itself as a diminutive fruit akin to a pumpkin or lemon, cultivated within the realms of the Western Ghats and the coastal expanses of Kerala and Karnataka. Scientifically denoted as Garcinia cambogia, it also responds to monikers like brindle berry, Malabar Tamarind, goraka, and fish tamarind. It remains an enigmatic spice, concealed within Kerala’s maritime gastronomy.

UTILIZATION GUIDE: Embracing Tradition in Culinary Excellence

In crafting Kerala’s quintessential fish curry, dried Malabar Tamarind or Kudampuli emerges as a cornerstone ingredient. Immerse it in either regular or warm water for a brief duration, and subsequently, infuse the resulting water into your culinary creation. This infusion bestows a subtle tanginess to your dish, elevating its flavor profile.

SUSTAINED FRESHNESS: Kodampuli / Kerala Malabar Tamarind – A Taste of Every Season

The seasonal nature of Kodampuli or Kerala Malabar Tamarind lends it a shelf life of 12 months, ensuring its enduring freshness and availability throughout the year.

Guidelines for Usage: Gastronomic Applications of Malabar Tamarind (ഗാർസിനിയ കംബോഡ്ജ്)

Kerala’s traditional fish curry prominently highlights the inclusion of desiccated Malabar Tamarind or Kudampuli. The infusion of Kudampuli introduces a tangy zest that harmonizes seamlessly with the zestiness of the dish. The amalgamation of Kappa Puzhukku, a fusion of mashed tapioca and coconut amalgam, with the classic fish curry, stands as an epitome within Kerala’s culinary array.

Unlocking Health and Wellness: The Transformative Benefits of Kudampuli or Malabar Tamarind

Within the realm of Ayurveda, Kudampuli garners recognition for its curative attributes, spanning from alleviating arthritic discomfort and ulcers to aiding digestion and facilitating weight management endeavors. Modern research postulates that specific nutrients embedded within Garcinia cambogia could wield a favorable impact on weight reduction. The consumption of Garcinia cambogia may potentially curtail appetite and impede fat absorption. It’s pertinent to acknowledge, however, that notwithstanding these attributes, comprehensive clinical trials are yet to furnish substantive corroboration for the efficacy of Garcinia Cambogia.

Harnessing the potential of Kudampuli as a weight loss supplement proves advantageous in curbing the body’s inclination to retain fat. By managing your appetite, it facilitates weight loss effectively.

For those yearning for a transformative journey, Kudampuli emerges as a compelling option to eliminate surplus fat from the body. The evidence of its efficacy in fulfilling this role is palpable, showcasing its remarkable impact.

Appetite Management: Kudampuli plays a pivotal role in regulating your appetite, constituting one of its primary benefits. Its acidic properties induce a sense of satisfaction, curbing the urge for external food intake. This empowers you to monitor your daily calorie consumption more effectively.

Natural Aid for Weight Loss: Amid the prevalent concern of obesity, individuals invest in gym memberships and stringent diet regimens to combat excess fat. Hydroxycitric acid, a fundamental element in weight loss solutions, exists naturally in Kudampuli. Why not embrace it in its purest form?

Enhancement of Immune System: By supporting essential metabolic functions, Kudampuli bolsters the immune system. Moreover, it sustains the vitality of your organs and retards the aging process.

Cholesterol Reduction: The acidic attributes of Kudampuli foster the metabolism of fatty acids, resulting in diminished levels of harmful cholesterol in the bloodstream. This attribute has proven to be a safeguard against heart and liver issues.

Considering the myriad benefits of Kudampuli or Malabar Tamarind, it transcends its role as a mere culinary ingredient. It stands as an extraordinary spice endowed with therapeutic qualities. Integrate this remarkable substance into your daily life to cultivate a healthful and vibrant lifestyle.

Kudampuli Across Diverse Languages

Malayalam – Kudampuli, Kodampuli, Pot tamarind, Malabar Tamarind, Kokum,കുടംപുളി

English – Brindleberry, Garcinia Cambogia

Tamil – அதிகரிக்கும் Atikarikkum

Hindi – वृद्धि vrddhi

The Drying Process of Kudampuli

The robust outer rind of Kudampuli undergoes a meticulous drying procedure. Initially, it is exposed to the sun’s rays until a significant portion of its moisture evaporates. Following this, it undergoes a smoking phase, transforming its hue to a deep black shade. Subsequently, the blackened rinds are carefully arranged upon coconut husks. To enhance preservation, a blend of salt and oil is applied through gentle rubbing. These treated fruits are then placed within earthen vessels.

Comparable to conventional tamarind, Kudampuli boasts an extended shelf life at room temperature. However, due to the smoking process, it’s prudent to thoroughly cleanse it prior to usage to eliminate any traces of debris.


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